By Roberta Craig, District Director

As of mid-year, 60% have less than their base number of members. Despite being on the path to launch two new clubs as part of our Membership Payment Growth district success plan, we are still trailing the club paid membership numbers needed to achieve distinguished status.

During our mid-year training, your district leaders had a chance to meet with other leaders to strategize what we could do to get us back on track. The following strategies and incentives we have developed are part of this year District 32 Beat the Clock Campaign.

(NEW) Club Membership Retention & Growth (February 1 – April 30)

Club will earn $5 district bucks for each new, reinstated, transfer, or dual member paid through September 30, with maximum $25 per club.

(NEW) $50 Speechcraft Reimbursement

Clubs that host a Speechcraft and submit a summary report along with Voucher for Reimbursement. The summary should include dates, attendance, and lessons learned.

Also, remember these existing rewards.

New Member Onboarding: $10 awarded for each new to Toastmasters member completing Pathway level 1. Maximum club award $50 per year.

April Membership Consistency: Awarded to a club that has no net member loss as of March 31 renewal payments versus base. Minimum 8 members required, 3 of which must be renewing members from the prior pay period. $25 per club.

Other ways to enhance your club and attract potential members:

Clubs with less than eight members are encouraged to attend the Coach’s Corner held the 3rd Monday of each month. Coach’s Corner focuses on the Successful Club series for tips to enhance club excellence. Attendance at Coach’s Corner earns your club one ticket in the District Raffle.

Members who have completed a Pathway Level 3 are encourage to participate in Traveling Toastmasters. Monthly 30-minute Team meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday, 6:30pm AK/7:30pm WA time.  Watch the D32 calendar for the Zoom meeting link.

Now is the time to pull together as a team in your club and throughout the district and commit to our personal and toastmaster growth goals. Identify our FRANKS that we will bring to your club meetings. Stretch our comfort zones by asking those five words, “Would you like to join?” And come May 1 we will celebrate being a distinguished district.