by Debbie Baker, Program Quality Director

The District 32 conference will look a bit different this year in comparison with the previous couple of years.

The use of the Whova app has been removed. The feedback and difficulties did not provide sufficient results that warranted the hefty fees.

The number of events will be noticeably reduced. Each evening there will be one event (except for education sessions). The intention was that we would reduce the fatigue and burnout that we noted from prior years feedback.

The conference will utilize the district zoom account. The team is excited to share a new idea with the nightly presentations. Each evening will be hosted by different Advanced clubs within the district. In order to implement the different approach the conference team is working with club teams which are now additional conference team members. The details of the hosting are still being negotiated with some clubs.  A special thank you goes out to Sound Advice and Professionally Speaking for stepping forward to sponsor an event.

Sponsorship expectations have been created. Deadlines will be added during the month of February. Each club will host the event as an opportunity to spotlight their club members and the collaboration of the club efforts to provide a quality event. 

Sponsorship Expectations as the club can help us help them host the events:

  1. Coordinate with the Conference team as the event, which your club is hosting, goes through the planning and execution stages.
    1. Share with the Conference team, any ideas, resources, and recruitment of people that would be a good fit for the event.
    2. share/collaborate with the conference team in drafting the vision and measurements for success.
    3. Help to execute the plan.
    4. Provide input and methods for highlighting the club and the event
  2. Communicate
    1. Select times that work for your club members in order to hold a brief Dry run 
    2. Decide the time that you want presenter/functionary/ contestants to arrive for the event
    3. Inform the conference coordinator of any additional needs as they will work with you to draft the zoom script
    4. Serve as the contact to receive all documents and other submissions of materials
    5. Serve as the contact and keeper for introductions – provide an email address and contact information
  3. Toastmaster/Facilitate the event
    1. Create zoom master script
    2. Assign people to necessary roles
    3. Create agenda details and timing for event
  4. Serve as hosts
    1. The hosting club members will welcome guests (attendees) as the event “Toastmasters”. 
    2. Club members will work with a zoom host to ensure that communication delivers quality information and ensures that everyone has any information, documents, or links necessary for successful execution of the event.
    3. Work with zoom host – giving assistance and communication go between behind the scenes
    4. As the event concludes, offer an invite to the guests and provide information about your club.
  5. Marketing event
    1. Provide ideas for marketing – more people with ideas results in better ideas!
    2. District will market via Facebook – if the club desires to market the club to include highlighting that they are hosting X conference event – this would be a great opportunity to provide marketing content to the PRM – Ginny Grabowski
    3. Club contact will serve as a backup person to ensure a reminder is sent to District Admin – to ensure the Constant Contact email is sent to district for marketing the Keynote event – if not seeing the marketing by April – reach out to Sherrie Simmonds, as “catch-all” reminder to advertise Keynote speaker.
    4. Article for District website – consider doing a draft write up to include the event and the value gain for your club hosting
    5. Communicate at your club meetings via word of mouth and meeting follow up emails (if you send these out)
  6. Tracking the pieces as the event draws closer
    1. Communication tracking and reminders
    2. Ensuring that the event is ready and all needs have been addressed – listening for overlooked needs and gaps

This is an example of the quality and effort that is being put into the May 1 – 6, 2023 event.  If you are interested in participating as a conference planning team member, please reach out to  The team welcomes all that are willing to volunteer.  This event would make an excellent DTM project – it is not to late to take on the challenge.