The District Rewards Program recognizes the efforts of clubs, their officers, and members working together to:

  • Promote the club throughout the community to current and prospective members.
  • Foster fellowship through fun, friendly and vibrant club meetings.
  • Participate in the Distinguished Club Program.

Clubs and individual members earn rewards that can be used to reimburse expenses paid throughout the Toastmaster year. CLICK HERE to see what rewards you have earned this year.

Great Start

The club will earn $75 for completing all four items:

Minimum 4 Club Officers trained by 08/31

Moments of Truth submitted* by 09/30

Club Success Plan submitted+ by 09/30

Minimum 8 Payments submitted by 9/30

* summary of findings must be supplied to Area Director

+copy of Club Success Plan uploaded in club central

1-2-3 Success

Club earns rewards for each set of Level 1, 2, AND 3 educational awards submitted into club central.

$25 for first set

$50 for second set

$75 for third set

Grand Slam

Club will earn $100 for reaching President Distinguished by May 1, 2024

MEMBER Success

Individual members can earn a maximum $25 for completing either Level 4 or 5, or earns a DTM by May 1, 2024. Only one reward per member, per Toastmaster year.

Redeeming in your rewards

CLICK HERE to see what rewards you have earned this Toastmaster’s year, and the status of your reimbursement request.

What is the process for redeeming rewards for District Bucks? 

  1. Obtain Receipt(s) for paid expenses.
  2. Complete the Toastmasters Voucher for ReimbursementToastmasters year District Bucks are rewarded.
    1. In the Check Payable to (full name) identify club or member name.
    2. Below the Mailing Address identify if you wish to be reimbursed by check or electronic transfer.
    3. List each receipt expense.
    4. The total reimbursement amount is limited to the award(s) earned
  3. Email Receipt(s) and Voucher for Reimbursement to the District Finance Manager at
  4. Upon receipt of required documentation, eligibility will be verified and sent to the TRIO for approval.

What expenses can be claimed?
Examples of expenditures that can be reimbursed with District Bucks include virtual meeting platform (e.g., Zoom) and equipment, club paid advertisement, Toastmasters International store purchase, additional Pathways paths, club open house and celebration expenses, club supplies (e.g., club digital banner).

Why is a receipt required to receive District Bucks? 
Per Toastmasters Policy, all district expenses (including District Bucks) must be supported by receipts.  Documentation of expenses allows Toastmasters International, and by extension our Toastmasters clubs, to maintain its nonprofit, tax-exempt status.

Is there a deadline for submitting request for reimbursements?
Requests for reimbursement should be submitted within 90 days of reward, or no later than May 31st.  This allows the District time to close our books before June 30.