May 9 Keynote

by Louisa Davis International Director, Region 1 • Toastmasters International

6:00 PM Alaska / 7:00 PM Pacific

May 10 Evaluation Contest

6PM Alaska / 7PM Pacific

May 11: Workshop - How to Wow

6 PM Alaska / 7 PM Pacific

Presented by Louisa Davis, International Director, Region 1

This interactive workshop will give you dozens of ideas of how to hold engaging club meetings (whether they are online, hybrid, or in person). The key is: “the wow factor”.

May 11: Workshop - Thrive in All Areas of Your Life

7PM Alaska / 8PM Pacific

Presented by Jane Thomas, DTM & Laurie McKeown, DTM

This workshop is intended to get us thinking about how to use Toastmasters to further goals and thrive in all aspects of our lives.

May 11: Workshop - Becoming Unstoppable

7PM Alaska / 8PM Pacific

Presented by Bindu Chintha, DTM

Are you interested to understand yourself more deeply and reinvent yourself? If you’ve answered yes, this session is for YOU! Come to become Unstoppable!

May 13: Social Event

Join us for a fun filled evening as we celebrate member achievements.

May 14: District Council Meeting

9AM Alaska/10AM Pacific

Club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education, and District Officers must register by May 9th for the District Council Meeting.

822 3208 7581

PASSCODE: 104049

May 9

Welcome & Keynote

May 10

Evaluation Contest

May 11

Educational Sessions

May 12

Candidate Showcase

Click here to see the candidates.

May 13

Educational Session & Social Event

May 14

District Council Meeting 9-11 AM Alaska / 10-12noon Pacific.

International Speech Contest starts 1 PM Alaska / 2 PM Pacific.

Our conference will be held on the WHOVA platform. Register for the conference and District Council Meeting with the link below and then download the WHOVA conference app for additional features.

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