Believe it or not, YOU are ready to step forward and chair a District 32 Toastmasters 2021 Conference event!

I know what you are thinking:  “What if I fail miserably?!?” “I don’t know how to chair/lead a committee.” “I’m not ready.” “I haven’t completed XYZ.” “I don’t have time!”

I know what you are thinking because those were the same thoughts and feelings of apprehension I experienced when I was asked to co-chair the 2019 District 32 (D32) conference.  Before the 2019 conference, the largest event I had organized was a club contest.  How could I possibly help orchestrate a DISTRICT conference?

And yet, when asked, something inside of me said, “Say YES!”

I followed this inner guidance.  I said YES.

As a result, by leaping outside of my comfort zone, my planning, leading, communicating and delegating skills were honed.  My self confidence and belief in my abilities truly soared, well beyond my previously self-imposed limits. My experience as a conference co-chair catapulted me into greater success both personally and professionally. 

You are ready to create new thought patterns regarding your own abilities.  You are ready to help yourself (and the District) be successful.  You are ready to imagine, believe in, and achieve your dreams.  Allow a D32 2021 Conference committee chair role to be your catalyst toward an amazing future. 

How can you help D32 create a successful 2021 Conference? Glad you asked!

The 2021 Conference would like you to fill one of the following roles:

  • Publicity Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Toastmaster (several are needed)
  • Contest Helpers
  • Education Program Chair
  • Parliamentarian
  • Secretary

Imagine. Believe. Achieve! Say “YES!” and let one of these roles be your catalyst to an amazing future!

District Director Carolyn Curley and I (Melissa Jean – Division E Director) are looking forward to seeing your “YES!” message in our inboxes. Please let us know which role you will fill by Tuesday, January 5, 2021.