by Carolyn Curley, District 32 Director

Welcome to the New Year for District 32. It was a crazy experience filled with changes last year. The ride of uncertainty is not over. Have you taken the opportunity to virtually visit other clubs, other countries? Is your club meeting online? In person? Not meeting at all? 

We are asking our leaders and members to imagine the best club experience possible. What would that feel like for you? Will you help make that vision and experience come true for your club? 

As the District Director, I am here to support the members and leaders, to encourage the use of the educational program for your personal growth, and to cheer member and club achievements. This role is similar to serving as a Club President, just in the bigger arena of the District. 

You may not have met me in person. Throughout this year, my personal challenge is to use Facebook Live videos to chat with you at least once per month. My very first attempt was July 1, 2020. In Toastmasters, we learn by doing, by using projects in the educational program to support learning objectives, and to use feedback for improvement. As we become more comfortable with different aspects of communication and leadership, we continue to look for and take opportunities for personal growth. How are you taking advantage of your opportunities? Are you listening to those who are poking you to try something new or scary?

I have had people comment on my advancement through the program. When I joined, I wanted to understand where my hard-earned money was going. I dug into the program and have dug again into Pathways. These resources are amazing! There truly is a project for just about everything. I encourage you to look ahead in your path and in your life. Use these resources to plan your journey and to support your personal growth. From the Icebreaker to level 5 projects, and beyond to the requirements for Distinguished Toastmaster, the opportunities for learning, growing, and trying are endless. I am still learning. With each path, the Icebreaker provides an opportunity to reflect on who I am and where I am headed.

I joined Toastmasters to hone communication skills, to talk with another person without severe anxiety, and to present information to others on the behalf of my employer. I worked the program because I wanted to prove that this program could not work. I failed. The program works! I diligently followed the steps and discovered that this program works if you schedule yourself through your fear to participate in meetings, invest energy into your club, work through projects, and allow yourself to just try. Try something new and scary. Challenge yourself.

This next year will challenge us as we adapt to changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Are you willing to adapt? Are you willing to try? We are a training and education organization where we learn by trying something new. My challenge is going Live. What is your challenge this year?

PS As the new Toastmasters year has begun. You may be asking, “Who are our new leaders?” 

In April, the District Council elected the Trio (our District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director) along with the 6 Division Directors. Since then we have filled out the support with Area Directors and other leaders. Here is our 2020-2021 leader line-up:

  • District Director Carolyn Curley, DTM
  • Program Quality Director Stephanie Lee, DTM
  • Club Growth Director Roberta Craig, DTM
  • Administrative Manager Alma Levario
  • Finance Manager Joyce Vick
  • Division Directors and their teams
  • Division A: Bob Hays, DTM 
    • Area 11: Chip McKenna
    • Area 12: Anne Larrabee
    • Area 13: Stuart Magoon
    • Area 14: Susanne Dahl
  • Division B: Adrienne Cappa
    • Assistant leaders Joanna Tavera and Vanessa Fadeff-Henderson
    • Area 21: Lucia Lara
    • Area 22: Lynn Frei
    • Area 23: Tom Jacobs
    • Area 24: Maria Libner
  • Division C: Jaymes O’Pheron 
    • Area 32: Manny Martinez
    • Area 33: Kristy Danforth
    • Area 34: Sharon Dana, DTM and assistant Anitha Ravichandra
    • Areas 31 and 35 need volunteers to serve.
  • Division D: Roxanne Strutz DTM
    • Area 41: Tony Gregg
    • Area 42: Carol Shaw-Bennett
    • Area 43: Lonnie King, DTM
    • Area 44: Debra Hartmann
  • Division E: Melissa Jean 
    • Area 51: Ian Tassie
    • Area 52: Bill Stokes, DTM
    • Area 53: Eric Downey
    • Area 54: Kelly Caraway
  • Division F: Kirsten Lein, DTM
    • Area 61: Ken Vaughan
    • Area 62: Nate Miller
    • Area 63: Vicki Randolph

With the updated alignment, you may wonder who are your Area Director and Division Director. Check the Alignment on the D32 website, under the District Leadership tab. 

In addition to these leaders, D32 has COMMITTEES! You stepped in to your club. Are you willing to step up into a bigger arena to practice communication and leadership skills beyond your club? Contact the Program Quality Director at, the Club Growth Director at, or the District Director at to take this opportunity for your personal growth.