Hello Area Directors, Division Directors and Club Officers
Contest season is upon us, so here are my contest-related notes to help you get organized.

In case there has been any confusion, the two contests that are being held this Summer/Fall are:

  • Humorous Speech Contest
  • Table Topics Contest

Contests at the Club Level

Clubs can do whatever they want. They can hold a formal contest and use all the official forms. They can hold an informal contest, just vote on Best Speaker and send that person to the Area Contest. They can not bother having a contest at all and just decide who will represent them at the Area Contest. They can ignore contests entirely. Each club gets to decide what is right for their members.

Our job is to support our clubs in holding whatever type of contest they want to hold…and then providing Area and Division level events in which club representatives can compete.

Club contests should be complete by August 11th, if possible. If not complete by August 11th, they need to be complete before their Area Contest.

Contests at the Area Level

The Judges for your Area Contest CAN come from the same clubs as your competitors.

Should be complete by August 24th.

The District does not provide trophies for Area Contests, so you may want to print out the Speech Contest Certificates (see below.)

Contests at the Division Level or Above

The Judges for your Division Contest CANNOT come from the same clubs as your competitors. You therefore need to find out who is representing each Area in each contest and which clubs they are from. You can then gather your Judges from other clubs. Because some Toastmasters belong to more than one club, be careful to find out ALL the clubs in which your winners are members.

Should be complete by September 9th.

Please find out ASAP after your contest which contest winners will be traveling to Juneau for the Fall Conference. Winners need to make this decision quickly, so we can inform a runner up should the winner decide not to attend.

The District is providing trophies for Division level contests.

Contests at the District Level

Will occur at the District Fall Conference in Juneau, Sept 29 – Oct 1. Both contests will probably be held on Saturday, Sept 30, but this is NOT written in stone yet.

Resource for Planning a Contest

Visit the District 32 Speech Contest webpage for resources on how to plan and conduct a speech contest.