“Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I dream”  ~Depak Chopra

This year the District leadership team would like to introduce and utilize a process toward achieving greater results in your lives. Every member is invited to participate in a 12 week year plan. The process will help everyone to meet goals. Taking the next step of breaking down the club success plan into actions that can be measured and monitored in short term increments.

The 12 week year plan is based upon the book The 12 week year plan by Brian Moran.

The book lays out a process to set goals and achieve them through the process of planning, breaking down the goals and stepping out the actions taken week by week. Through the weekly actions members will develop confidence in themselves and an emotional connection to sustain progress toward attaining goals.

Debbie Baker and the Education Committee will be hosting two workshops built upon the information contained within the book. Workshops will allow the participants to work together to establish a 3 year vision, 1 year vision and then break down these goals into weekly steps. Each step will be further broken down into the actions. The workshops will be interactive and productive toward helping everyone to see the success that will unite clubs and accomplish goals like never before.

Workshops will be held September 22nd and October 14th at 6PM AK & 7PM PST

Eventbrite has been set up to register for the workshops. Take a moment to register while you have the opportunity to say yes to attaining your goals and building your joy with the possibilities of completing projects and serving your Toastmasters community.

September 22nd Workshop Link
October 14th Workshop Link