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2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30 – 7:30 PM Alaska, 7:30 – 8:30 PM Pacific

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Pathways Pop In - Step Up Into Leadership

Pathways Pop-In is pivoting to assist future District 32 leaders!

Checkout the slate of advanced training 3rd Tuesday of of every month
Feb 20: Speaker to Trainer
March 19: Leadership Pipeline – Let Go to Grow
April 16: Club Succession Planning – Officer Nominations
May 21: Moments of Truth
June 18: Club Success Plan

Coach's Corner - Successful Leadership Series

Coach’s Corner is stepping-up to set-up our future leaders for success!

Checkout the slate of successful leadership series workshops 3rd Monday of every month
Feb 19: Characteristics of Effective Leaders
March 18: Improving Your Management Skills (Part 1)
April 15: Improving Your Management Skills (Part 2)
May 20: Characteristics of Effective Teams
June 17: Working In the Team Environment 


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2024 District Conference Educational Workshops

2024 District Conference Educational Workshops

Join your fellow Toastmasters Wednesday, May 1 for a night of educational jocularity. Developing your communication skills are more fun when laughing. Table Topics Live Coaching Ever been involved in an impromptu conversation before?  Possibly it started in...

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Lance Miller, 2024 Conference Keynote Speaker

Lance Miller, 2024 Conference Keynote Speaker

Lance@lancemillerspeaks.com lancemillerspeaks.com He has enjoyed traveling and adventures – to name a few: Sat atop 14,000 meter peaks, Rafted the roughest whitewater in U.S.,  Sailed extensively, including transatlantic from the Virgin Islands to...

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Back to the Future You

Back to the Future You

by Roberta Craig, 2022 - 2023 District Director June 30, 2025 Dear Younger Self, Over the next couple of weeks, someone will ask you to serve as a district leader. This request was made after thoughtful discussion among district leaders who were once where you are...

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What is phishing?

What is phishing?

by Melissa Jean, District 32 Program Quality Director Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails and texts pretending to be from reputable companies or someone you know in order to trick you into revealing personal information, such as passwords and...

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Ready. Set. GOALS! 

Ready. Set. GOALS! 

Goal (noun) the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. What happens when you hear the word goal? Are you excited, happy or elated? YAY! I get to accomplish (fill in the blank)!  Or does the opposite happen? Your muscles tense up, you...

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