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An Overview of Trello

Imagine for just a minute that you are starting a project. As a thoughtful person, you pause for a bit before you jump into your first task to complete your project. You realize that there are many places that you could begin your journey, but not all starting places...

Password Security

Passwords are an important part of our modern lives and practicing password security is essential.  It is becoming more difficult to function without using a computer of some sort--whether we're online banking from home, shopping on a tablet at work, or...

Creating Letterhead with Google Docs

Here at the Squeaky Wheel, we like to "Pay it Forward" when it comes to recognizing technology resources that have helped us learn new "tricks."  Recently I read a Profound Cloud blog post on creating beautiful letterhead using Google Docs.  Here are some things to...

Using Google Docs for Club Agenda

One of the most important features of a quality Toastmaster's club meeting is a printed agenda.  Preparing a professional-looking agenda does not need to take much time but does reflect upon the quality of your club.  By spending a few minutes to create a...

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Sometimes it is easy to get “lost in the crowd” when working within a large organization. Our District 32 Divisional Webpages are intended to provide you with information about local events. If your club has a special event, let your Area Director know about it at least a month in advance and we will try to post an announcement here and on our district calendar.

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