Palmer Toastmasters Celebrate 7 years

by | Oct 8, 2017

Palmer Toastmasters Club #1166187 in Palmer, Alaska recently celebrated its 7th anniversary of the club charter (September 29, 2010) with an appreciation night for their meeting room host. Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA) has provided the club with a meeting room, free of charge, for more than 7 years.

The provisional club bounced from one location to another for over 2 years before settling in the small community meeting room in the basement of the MTA building in Palmer. Once there, the provisional club flourished and was able to charter within a year. Now, the Palmer Club meets in the largest community meeting room in the building. MTA has been an integral part of the club success, and the Palmer Toastmasters celebrated their host by having an MTA appreciation party on October 3! A large banner was printed, and the members signed the banner, and presented it to MTA representatives.

Since its charter, Palmer Toastmasters has a 100% track record of achieving Presidents Distinguished Club for all of its 7 years. Prior to the Alaska clubs being merged with District 32, Toastmaster members in Alaska were not part of a district, and as such were not eligible to compete for the Worldstage Championship of Public Speaking, but were eligible to compete in the International Taped Speech Competition. Palmer Toastmasters club produced not one, but TWO of the first place winners of the Toastmasters International Taped Speech Contest. Their club culture focuses primarily on leadership development.

Congratulations to all members of the Palmer Toastmasters Club for your notable accomplishments and milestones! We’re looking forward to helping you celebrate many more years as a vibrant and energized club!

Vicki Randolph
Area 54 Director

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