Are you hosting an event, celebrating a milestone, or otherwise want to request the help of the District in getting the word out? You’ve landed in the right place!

The big idea

In an ongoing effort to provide educational opportunities for District 32 Toastmasters to grow in communication skills, a new process to request promotional assistance comes with both a challenge and an opportunity for clubs and members—inviting members across the District to exercise written communication skills to provide content for our website!

What’s in it for me or my club? If requesting that the District assist in promoting a local event (not district- or division-wide), the requestor must provide content for the D32 website that is applicable to everyone in the District. That allows the requestor to work on their written communication skills – and they’ll receive evaluation and assistance on the piece by the View editor.

What’s in it for the District? Your fellow D32 members benefit from your topical knowledge as we all learn and grow together!

Tips for articles

The content would be in the form of an article that the webmaster and email editor would post on the D32 site, and would contain a “PS” about the event. The article would be content that is “freestanding,” meaning it is helpful content to a reader even if they have no interest or ability to attend the function.

What kinds of topics? As when developing a speech, ask the question, “What do I know? In what area am I an expert?” The writer need not know everything on the topic – but having useful knowledge on an aspect of speaking, leadership, clubs, or adding extra research of your own – this would make your content incredibly valuable to others! Just a few examples of the type of content you might consider:

  • A written tutorial about hosting an event – how a club plans, organizes, and promotes it, or detail on any aspect of it.
  • A story about a club practice that led to meeting club goals, including tips or alternate ideas others might try to meet such a goal.
  • Speechmaking topics – tips

Who can write it? Any Toastmaster in the club can write it, or the piece can be a collaboration by a team.


  1. Articles should be between 400-1000 words, and can be provided in a Word document, a Google doc, or in the body of an email.
  2. Photos preferred; the Editor can assist with creating a graphic or finding a photo.
  3. TIMELINE: Contact the Editor as soon as the request is known, using the form below, to discuss content and plan a timeline. Finished article must be submitted by the View deadline (Friday before the 2nd/4th Tuesday newsletters) and it’s recommended that the submission be earlier to allow for a back-and-forth discussion in the editing process.

NOTE: District-wide events will continue to be promoted by the District website, email newsletter, calendar, and social media as always.


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Requestor’s name
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