Division C | South Puget Sound

This is the webpage for Toastmasters’ District 32 Division C.
Debbie Baker

Debbie Baker

Division C Director

Area 31 Clubs

Area Director – Kim Starkey

  •   Chehalis-Centralia | [Website]
  •   Nisqually Valley Voices | [Website]
  •   Professionals in HD | [Website]
  •   Easy Speakers | [Website]
  •   Licensed to Lead | [NO Website]
Area 32 Clubs

Area Director – Cynthia Sanderson

  •   Tumwater Talkers | [Website]
  •   Stately Speakers | [Website]
  •   Money Talks | [NO Website]
  •   Real Talk | [NO Website]
Area 33 Clubs

Area Director – Robin Lee

  •   Dawn Talkers | [Website]
  •   Capitol | [Website]
  •   Meridian | [Website]
  •   Star Talkers | [No Website]
Area 34 Clubs

Area Director – Cheryl Marks

Area 35 Clubs

Area Director – Jaymes Lauser

  •   Harbor | [Website]
  •   North Beach | [Website]
  •   Shelton Community | [No Website]

Division C Blog

New Divisional Blogs in 2017

New for the 2017/18 Toastmasters year is our District 32 Divisional Blogs.  Each Division will have its own space to announce and celebrate division-wide events.  Additionally, if you use the search box (located in the primary menu), you can search for...

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Sometimes it is easy to get "lost in the crowd" when working within a large organization. Our District 32 Divisional Webpages are intended to provide you with information about local events. If your club has a special event, let your Area Director know about it at least a month in advance and we will try to post an announcement here and on our district calendar.
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