Division B | Gig Harbor, Key, Kitsap & Olympic Peninsulas

This is the webpage for Toastmasters’ District 32 Division B.

Joanna Tavera

Joanna Tavera

Division B Director

Area 21 Clubs

Area Director – Jean McDonald

Area 22 Clubs

Area Director – Vanessa Fadeff

  •   Sound Speakers | [Website]
  •   Bainbridge Island | [Website]
  •   U Speak Easy | [Website]
  •   Torpedo Town | [NO Website]
Area 23 Clubs

Area Director – Danny Stevens

Area 24 Clubs

Area Director – Timothy Ramage

  •   Key Peninsula | [Website]
  •   Gig Harbor | [Website]
  •   Port Orchard | [Website]
  •   Chit Chatters | [No Website]

Division B Blog

New Divisional Blogs in 2017

New for the 2017/18 Toastmasters year is our District 32 Divisional Blogs.  Each Division will have its own space to announce and celebrate division-wide events.  Additionally, if you use the search box (located in the primary menu), you can search for...

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Sometimes it is easy to get “lost in the crowd” when working within a large organization. Our District 32 Divisional Webpages are intended to provide you with information about local events. If your club has a special event, let your Area Director know about it at least a month in advance and we will try to post an announcement here and on our district calendar.

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The Power of New Blood

The Power of New Blood

Joanna Tavera, Area Director for Area 23, interviews the current and Immediate Past President from Harborside Toastmasters in her first feature article for The View from 32.

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